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Indian Literature

  1. Bimonthly journal in English
  2. Launched in 1957 as a half-yearly journal.
  3. Now in the fortieth year of its publication
  4. Publishes translations of creative and critical writings from 22 Indian languages besides original writings, book reviews and interviews in English
  5. Recently the journal has also started bringing out special issues on themes, languages, genres and movements
  6. The only one of the kind published in English in the country
  7. Perceived as an authentic reflection of the current literary trends in India as well as a medium for the evaluation of India's rich literary past
  8. Present Guest Editor Dr. A. J. Thomas

Samakaleen Bharatiya Sahitya

  1. A bimonthly journal in Hindi
  2. Launched in 1980 as a quarterly journal
  3. Carries translations of creative and critical writings from 21 Indian languages, besides original writings in Hindi
  4. Over the years, it also published special issues devoted exclusively to specific languages such as
  5. Punjabi, Kashmiri, Urdu, Kannada and Malayalam
  6. Present Guest Editor Sri Prabhaker Shotriya

Samskrita Pratibha

  1. A half-yearly journal in Sanskrit
  2. Devoted to contemporary writings in Sanskrit
  3. Started in 1959 under the editorship of V. Raghavan
  4. Twenty two volumes of the journal published so far
  5. Present editor Prof. Pankaj Chande

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